Sunday, May 2, 2010

Milwaukee Wild Turkeys

Just the other day I took this picture of the Milwaukee River by where it crosses Green Bay Road. The river is beautiful here. It was getting near sundown. Interesting enough there were wild turkeys that were nesting in the tree across the river. This is in Milwaukee County.

The turkeys flew up into the trees because they rely on their eyesight rather than hearing for survival. And their eyesight isn’t as good at night to see approaching predators. Their hearing is less developed to hear them coming, so it is safest for them to sleep in trees.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

PS There should be a boat ramp at Green Bay Road where it crosses the river on the south side of Green Bay Road. If you would like to lobby the DNR for one, you will see me put my boat out there and fish for Musky because I sense them there.

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